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I’ve been practising sports and various physical disciplines since I was 10 years old. As an energetic and self-motivated teenager, I wanted to gain as much varied experience as possible.

Over the past 18 years, I’ve gained solid knowledge and experience in teaching as well as practising different sports. Through this multidisciplinary expertise, I now successfully help people attain healthier and more active lifestyles they enjoy, no matter their past experience or current physical condition. 

Through working with clients looking to achieve different goals, I’ve developed targeted training programmes and continuously adapt these to varying needs.

My formal qualifications include a BSc in Physical Activity and Sports and an MSc in Leisure Activities and Extreme Sports. I have a genuine passion for what I do and aim to pass this on to my clients.

Having a multidisciplinary knowledge I help people to be ready for any situation that might appear.


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Personal Training (weightlifting and calisthenics)

Learn how to train in the gym or using your bodyweight only


Acrobatics (partner and solo)

Improve your Acro skills by conquering your fears


Online Coaching (full package)

Become the best version of yourself, one step at a time

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Client Testimonials

“Tudor is very professional and an excellent trainer. He understands each individual’s needs and is very careful about ensuring we move properly so we stay safe when training. I have had a bad back and Tudor has given me light and safe workout programme to strengthen my muscles but also ensure I don\’t incur further damage. He is also friendly and personable and goes the extra mile to help your workout needs.”

Nalika de Silva

Stand Up Comedian / Actor

“Training with Tudor is a unique experience. He has an in-depth knowledge of both the physiology and psychology that goes into training. I enjoy the fact that as you train with him, he will share some of this with you. Tudor is conscientious and enthusiastic, he is always on hand to answer my questions, whether that is during a training session or afterwards via email or text. Tudor genuinely loves his job and loves seeing his clients benefit from his exercises. It\’s very infectious and certainly makes those Monday evening sessions easier to survive… Thanks Tudor!”

Emma Anthony


“Upon advice from a friend I was recommended Tudor, I was initially sceptical as I did not feel I needed a trainer but with hindsight, it was an excellent decision. Tudor has opened my eyes to a whole new world of exercise routines incorporating elements from gymnastics to high interval training to strength and conditioning work. Tudor has a real enthusiasm for his profession and it is clear he has a built up a real expertise in human physiology, good technique and sports science, not only that he is a good guy as well, I am very happy with my decision to work with Tudor and look forward to the progress we will make in the future.”

James Cooke

Software developer

“I came across Tudor as a coach who could listen, understand and work with me on my individual requirements. As a 57-year-old athlete fearing declining strength and range of movement, Tudor collaborated with me on a program to address and set me on my way.

We worked through Olympic rings muscle-ups, handstands, burpees, and one-legged squat. After 6 months together I’m confident and motivated, and well on my way with all four of these key strength and flexibility measures.

Tudor works with challenging progression through knowledge and patience. He’s good to work with and as a result, I’m a better person.

Mike Shaw

Commercial Finance Consultant , 'The Huddle'

“My life before I started training with Tudor, I was mainly just running 3-4 times a week and not doing much else. I wanted to change things and I needed a new challenge. I had no idea of the real journey I was about to start and now I’m forever grateful because of that.

It wasn’t long before I started seeing changes but the changes were more psychological than I had prepared for. The things I’ve learnt practically are how to do the exercises correctly and how these small things have big impacts on your workouts.  As I was learning how to move my body correctly, I started to learn to be more precise and more careful and in turn, this affected my mental state. I started to treat my body and life in general with more respect and thoughtfulness.

Andrea Cuadrado

Freelance film editor

“Despite going to the gym for many years, I had never really considered online training. Then I found out about Tudor, and immediately his knowledge and professionalism changed my thinking. I could tell instantly that Tudor had an in-depth understanding of a variety of types of training (and of the science behind them) and that he had a genuine passion for helping his clients achieve their goals.

Tudor’s wide-ranging knowledge means he can draw on exercises from a variety of disciplines and, in particular, I have really enjoyed progressing in Calisthenics with Tudor which was a type of strength training I knew nothing about.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend training with Tudor to anyone, whatever their goals, he is a great trainer and coach and also a really good guy so you will enjoy training under his guidance!”

Laurence Anthony


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